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Conciliation: Bringing bad debts and feisty neighbours to a standstill

Conciliation3.1Are the debt sharks circling your sinking boat? Are they harassing you at work and threatening court action? Perhaps someone owes you some money. Are you wondering when the next beer bottle is going to fly through your window and into your kid’s bedroom? Did the neighbour build a new fence and decide to steal a metre of your property while they were at it? These are awkward situations to say the very least. It’s hard to know what to do. You can call the cops but they aren’t going to hang around all night and they certainly aren’t going to pay your bills.

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You may not know it, but you do have options and you do have rights when you find yourself experiencing one of these scenarios. Whether it be bad debt or a bad neighbourhood relationship, the CommsRes conciliation team taps into decades of dispute resolution experience.

We your rights, we know the law and, most importantly of all, we know how to communicate with creditors, collection companies and even those infuriating neighbours who you can’t get rid of unless you sell your home.

In terms of your creditors, there are now powerful laws in place that enable you to consolidate a series of debts into one loan that is perfectly manageable. At CommsRes we can advise you on how to achieve this and build a bridge between you and a qualified financial expert.

Very importantly, we can get debt collectors off your back and wash away the anxiety you feel every time the phone rings or an unmarked letter arrives. We are on your team.

When you’re engaged in these types of disputes they can often end in litigation in courts and tribunals. These processes become incredibly complex and extraordinarily expensive, with absolutely no guarantee you will get the outcome you want.

Conciliation1But before you get to lawyers at 10 paces, paid for by you, the CommsRes conciliation team has an alternative.

CommsRes devises effective methods to bring people together through expert communication that delivers outcomes all parties can accept.

We’re not saying it’s all kisses and hugs, but there won’t be anymore beer bottles flying through the window either.





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