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Corporate Social Responsibility: Working to your strengths


In many ways your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program tells the world who you are, what you stand for and, most importantly, what you care about.

At CommsRes we are interested in companies and organisations that want to save the world in their own small and authentic way. With strong backgrounds in the not-for-profit and government sectors, we also understand that saving the world isn’t always that straight forward and Corporate Social Responsibility requires careful planning and strategy.

We will work closely with you to develop and implement an intelligent CSR plan that works for your business, plays directly to your strengths and delivers maximum impact for your efforts.

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If you make food, let’s work with that. If you design apps, let’s work with that. If you build robots, let’s work with that.


Whether it’s supporting a local school with support for a small fundraiser or connecting you with a high profile NFP for a long term relationship, we can make that happen.

Conversely, we can also deliver not-for-profits detailed strategies that bring vital attention and critical funds to social issues that often affect many of the community’s most marginalised people.

Our directors have experience which has included connecting charities and NFPs with national sporting teams (AFL) and Federal Government Ministers. We have also played key roles in raising funds for some of the most significant natural disasters across Asia and Africa in recent years (Caritas).


The results have been outstanding. Media coverage has been extraordinary. And that’s part of what CSR is about. It’s getting the message out there to help the causes of your choice and to let the world know what you believe in.

In fact, handled the right way, your CSR strategy will become an integral aspect of your broader public relations strategy.

It’s about win-win. Your business earns public respect for thinking about something other than profits and your beneficiary receives the support they need to keep the good work going.

CommsRes can:

  • Identify an ideal beneficiary
  • Deliver a detailed Corporate Social Responsibility strategy
  • Execute a parallel public relations and media strategy
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