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Strategies to improve your presence online


How you appear on the internet to your customers is your digital communications strategy and it’s about a lot more than a company Facebook page.

Increasingly sophisticated algorithms are designed to favour content developed with the consumer in mind. Great digital communications is about great pictures and great words delivered well and delivered consistently. Anything else disappears without a trace.

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A CommsRes digital communications and social strategy will get you talking to more customers, donors and supporters and improve the quality of those discussions. You’re happier, your customers are happier, and we’re happy we’ve helped.

Great digital communications is great content


Your online audience aren’t just seeking to be entertained or to look at a visually appealing photostream. They want to know who you are at a deep level and that’s what drives engagement.

Bad content isn’t just a wasted opportunity. Bad content will actively hurt your brand, drive down your engagement and put your reputation at risk. We know what works online and we know how to drive it to your customers’ newsfeeds. 

There is a growing audience for business communications online and on social. We can help you get a larger share of that audience and provide them with a richer and more rewarding digital experience.


Bringing it all together

We ‘bring it all together.’ So your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram look and sound attractive and work together seamlessly. The result is that people who are exploring your brand online are seeing, hearing, and feeling exactly what you want them to and nothing else.

An optimised LinkedIn company profile is one of the most powerful business tools in your arsenal. It’s a valuable plank of your business’ digital strategy and provides customers, employees, and colleagues with deep insights into your company and your unique market offering.

Whether your customer focus is not-for-profit,  business-to-business or business-to-consumer, CommsRes can build a LinkedIn profile that gets you noticed and gets you connected sooner.

  • Custom built social profiles across all major platforms
  • Blogging and content services and scheduling
  • Responding to negativity online
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