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Government Relations: Building the right partnerships


When government decision-making goes wrong it has a bad habit of stopping processes dead. Public service inertia can put your business in limbo and bad policy decisions can hurt your bottom line. That’s where our government relations services can help.

Government is an ecosystem, and a professional government relations strategy guides your business to operate in harmony with the legislative environment you’re growing within.

More than just knowing a lot of elected representatives, though we do at every level of government, CommsRes government and council engagement specialists know the Australian political system  like an old friend.

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CommsRes specialists have the depth of knowledge that can only be achieved from providing communications advice to elected representatives at every level of government, including an Australian Prime Minister.

We understand what motivates politicians and public servants and we use this knowledge to help you move issues and get the red tape off your business.


Government relations and your business

We want to make sure your business is doing what it should, providing you and your family with an income and a secure future and not caught up in pointless fights with regulators. Adverse regulator findings are so often the result of poor communication about business specifics or even missed filing dates. Busting red tape is a specialty service of ours. Don’t let ‘no’ stop your business moving forward.

We are experts at licensing and can work with you to get the right licenses and permits your business needs.


Council engagement

Local government in Australia is the third and ‘closest’ tier of government. Modern councils do a lot more than roads, rates and rubbish.

Modern councils have evolved into one of the key driving forces of regional development and economic growth in our cities. As the phenomenal growth of South East Queensland continues, it’s often councils and their development processes that have led the way in shaping that growth physically and for small to medium enterprise.

We believe passionately in the role of council in supporting your business or not-for-profit and will develop a strategy for you to deeply engage with a powerful ally.

Whether that’s arranging a local councillor to attend a business launch or organising deeper briefings on your business for Mayors and C-Suite council officers, CommsRes gives you the edge in your local government dealings.

Politics is in our DNA

We have the expertise and knowledge of government processes to open doors, and access to the information and people you need for the right result. Whether that’s a meeting with your local state member or ministerial portfolio staff, we have the reach to get you there and the knowledge to guide your interaction.

Elected officials and public servants want to help you. From polite phone calls to fully integrated public relations campaigns, we know how to get you their attention at a great price. 

Funding opportunities

Government at all levels give away millions of dollars each year in direct funding, subsidies, in-kind support and grants to a huge array of community groups, NFPs and eligible business. So if you want to build a playground for your local C&K, purchase new farm equipment or anything in between, there’s probably a grant program for you. We’ll help you locate it and guide your application process for a great price.

  • Licensing and regulation
  • Elected representative engagement and correspondence management
  • Funding and grant identification and application
  • Public persuasion campaigns
  • Political tactics and campaign services
  • Shaping policy and legislation
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