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Intelligent reaction and strategic planning for a media crisis


Nothing can damage a business or organisation like a public media crisis. In this arena CommsRes reacts quickly and delivers effectively. Because we know years of hard work can be brought undone in literally hours and days. This is why issues and crisis management is so critical. The media enjoys nothing more than to jump on a crisis or an issue. This can be seen daily in the ebbs and flows of political life or in the case of a Royal Commission.

However, far less serious matters can still have major ramifications that require issues and crisis management to curb a media crisis. Never has this been more true with the extraordinary boom in social media. Now almost everybody has a voice, and an uncontrollable voice at that. What was once a “non-story” is now something that can damage you permanently if not handled with skill.

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Consider was there a serious incident in your workplace? Are there allegations being made by a staff member? Are you about to make a controversial decision? Has someone in your organisation been accused of mishandling funds?

All of these issues can easily land your story in the public sphere. Which is precisely where you don’t want it to be.


But effective issues and crisis management is perfectly possible in capable hands. CommsRes are experts in issues and crisis management for both businesses and not-for-profit organisations. Decades of experience in print and broadcast media, along with government expertise means we know instinctively how the media and, indeed, how your stakeholders are likely to react to any given situation.

The reality is you can engage us before an issue or crisis takes hold. Sometimes this is a case of nullifying the issue altogether and in other cases it is about harm minimisation. We will be completely transparent about how your crisis is likely to play out and the most effective way you can deal with it.

We are always composed and very comfortable to hit the ground running in the midst of a crisis or build a strategy in advance to give you a plan of attack when potential events threaten to derail your business or not-for-profit organisation.

In doing so we provide:

  • Instant reaction to the crisis
  • Rapid advice to the issue
  • A clear-cut strategy for managing the crisis
  • Execution of the strategy
  • External materials for media and key stakeholders
  • Internal materials for your staff and internal parties
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