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Mediation: Resolving even the most difficult issues


Not all negotiations go to plan. Whether they are negotiations between an employee and employer, a franchisee and the franchisor or supplier and contractor. It’s often the case that in the heat of discussion relationships and tempers can become frayed and that’s where mediation can help.

The success of negotiations means a better outcome for all parties and is in everyone’s interest. Success means a more harmonious workplace, better functioning business and improved relationships with the vendors and customers your business needs for a great supply chain.

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Communication is the key to resolving disputes, and professional communications services can mean the difference between mutually acceptable outcomes and a total breakdown in relationships.

At CommsRes we can work with both parties together to regain the common ground and to reach a mediated position that both sides can accept.

We bring goodwill back to the conversation.


We start by recognising that both parties come to the table with their own needs, wants and an ideal outcome in their minds.

Mediation is about establishing understanding of what both parties have in common, what they disagree on and how to bridge the gap.

A fresh set of eyes can make all the difference and brings perspective to even the most thorny dispute.

Sometimes difficult negotiations are just a matter of compromise, a series of transactions about who gets what and who gives what up in return. Other disputes are far more subtle in nature.

Nuanced communication can establish a common definition of the problem that all parties can agree on moving forward.


If you feel a negotiation is important enough to enter into, then you also feel that a good outcome is in both of your interests and that’s where our professional mediators are able to step in and guide both parties to safer shores.

CommsRes mediation gets results and ensures all parties’ views are aired without bias or favour.

At CommsRes we believe with the right communication even the most difficult negotiations can be resolved.

  • Employer and employee negotiations
  • Franchisee and franchisor mediations
  • Supplier and contractor mediation and negotiation
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