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Public Relations: More Give, Less Take

Why you’re not the centre of the universe

NobodyLikesYou2Come here. Step closer. Please, a little closer still. That’s it. Right there. I’m going to tell you something. Here it is. It’s a public relations secret. You know what? No-one actually gives a toss about you.

No, no please don’t cry. No don’t fall to your knees, you’re embarrassing me. You’re a successful businesswoman for goodness sakes. Get up, you’re pitiful. Besides I’m not telling you the complete truth. Your parents probably love you and at least your husband wants to. Your pekingese certainly likes you when you feed him. Sorry to say, your kids are ambivalent because you’ve never really been at home.

But I’m talking about the big bad world out there. Carlo from Guatemala has never heard of you. Heinrich from Germany hates you because he keeps getting spammed by your global biscuit business. Phuong Guang from Saigon despises you because your chocolate biscuits are way too expensive for his family. Meanwhile Jackson from Indianapolis just thinks your cookies are rubbish compared to Oreos.

The same goes for your staff. Do you think Linda down there on the conveyor belt for 12 hours a shift cares about your arcing blood pressure? Do you seriously believe that Steve the CFO wouldn’t do a hatchet job on you if he stood half a chance of taking your place?

You know what will make them care? They’ll care when they know you care about them. When you care about something other than making as much money as you can for the least output.

How do I do that, you ask? Well now that you seem to have regained some composure, I’ll tell you. You communicate with them and engage great public relations. Take every far flung country into consideration when you’re executing a public relations strategy. Ask Heinrich for permission before you send him an eDM. Is there a way to cut costs and make biscuits cheaper in Vietnam and why on Earth is the yank even comparing your biscuits to Oreos?

Get out there and tell them what you’re doing. Engage with the media with great public relations and you engage with the masses.

Take “Give not take” even further and you can start looking at Corporate Social Responsibility programs (CSR), where you can help people in the community either financially or by using a skillset that you or your biscuit company has.

Maybe you sponsor social initiatives. Maybe you offer an employment program to engage with underprivileged kids in Saigon or Guatemala. Maybe you do the same at home.

Companies do this kind of work because they can and they should. But at the same time it offers superb opportunities for public relations and media presence that will demonstrate great causes while also revealing what kind of company you run and what kind of person you are.

That’s when they’ll start to give a toss about you.

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